First Lab, First Oil Painting Class

Before today, I had never been to a college class on a Wednesday, sure last week school started but thanks to some luck didn't have to go to lab the first week. Today I decided I would get up about ten leave at eleven and then when I got to school work on homework when I got there. My drive wasn't so bad now that the roads are clearer then they were when the school should have been closed, didn't have to drive under the speed limit too much.

The class was in the farthest possible building from my parking pass, and although I wouldn't mind a nice walk in warm weather, when its below freezing I'm not the biggest fan. Especially since I wasn't smart enough to wear an actual winter coat. After going from building to building to get in I finally sat down and did some studying. I read a chapter in my computer science class and then tried to work on my math doing only one problem with all my time. I was distracted.
chair in a college lab
 When I came into the lab, five minutes early but somehow "late" I had to sit way in the back because all the closer seats were already taken. Lucky though a few people did actually walk in late so I could have been worse. I'm not quite sure what I think of these chairs we had to sit in though. On the one hand they're great because they're comfortable but on the other, they're not so great because I can't touch the ground and they slide around everywhere which isn't good for when you're trying to take measurements. The lab today was kind of a practice thing, and very easy so I ended up leaving early and heading home to do my Baseball T-shirt outfit blog post, which of course was what I wore today shortly after that though it was time to head to Beginning Oil Painting, a class I decided would be fun to take.
what I was given to start oil painting
When we walked into the painting class, we were first. Quite odd because we were less than ten minutes early. So we went to the bathroom, which we had to have a key to use and came back in, and by that time other people were there. To start with we had three pictures of fancy oil paintings for inspiration this drawing with just a box and a circle and a sheet to put the paints on. The instructor started the class out by explaining the brushes and a few techniques then we passed around the paints, only blue red yellow plus black and white. Apparently those are the only ones you really need. He then demonstrated how to mix colors and did a sample before we started. The whole point was to do shadowing and although I didn't like my painting too much as I was doing it (and managed to start out with a different light point than everyone else) I think I really like the end result of my first oil painting.
painting a box and bowl

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