Dressale.com is a Scam

Hanna Marie Lei
If you remember, which you may not because I didn't in any way promote this post, or even put it on the front page of my blog, I did a a Dressale New Year's Giveaway post, to say the least I'm not very happy with them. They contacted me saying:

"i am the marketing director from dressale.com . have you received our email for cooperation? if you can not see in your Inbox. please check your spam inbox. some of our emails  would go into the spam box. we are giving away $30 certificate and free product for cooperation with you. 

This time we want to cooperate with you with a giveaway post, have put the prepared post in the attachement As for the blogger, you can also get a $30 certificate to spend on our website. 

Next i will introduce what we will provide you for cooperating with us: 

1. You can add some of your own information in this giveaway post.  For example you can also ask them to follow your Facebook and Twitter. I think this is a good chance for you to earn more followers to your blog. 

2. We can promote your website on our facebook and twitter to ask more people to follow you

3. We will give you a $30 coupon to spend on our website

4、 we will launch a new site and have the "Fashion Blogger" sessions coming up we will provide our product for free trial and you will be our  first consideration if you have cooperated with us. At that time you can get our free product every month. Apply our fashion blogger here>>>http://dress.cm/fgFQ5M

 If you wish to earn more commission, you can join our affiliate program with your ShareASale account (http://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfmmerchantID=49370 ). If you signed up and link your blog to our network with Shareasale, it will record and pay you the 10% of the sale when someone click link in your blog and purchased our product.

  If you are interested in cooperating with us, please make the giveaway post on your blog  and When you finished please let me know and send me the link of the post. The soon the better. As for the post, you can add some more information and write in your language. It is ok. "

And although I agreed, because I love being able to do giveaway, I was a little suspicious, I mean I don't expect perfect grammar, especially because the writer may be english as a second language, but this whole letter seems like it was written by one of those "Nigerian Princes" When I looked at their giveaway I was a little shocked. There wasn't a clear, now you've been entered kind of a thing, and for one entry there were so many things required to do. But since I said I'd post it, that's what I did. One thing I did do though was hid the comments since one of the things you had to do was comment your email address at the end of the post. I mean, that stuff is personal, and I kind of thought they would try and sell it.

When I sent them the link they approved it and told me that my credit would be arriving soon. In the meantime I saw quite a few spam comments come my way about other people promoting these giveaways. Some of these bloggers only had 30 followers, and no offense but no company, not one whose going to pay would give them a giveaway. Speaking of which, my credit was never sent, but I did get an email telling me to extend the giveaway because they wanted more entries. Never, have I ever heard of a company doing this, so I told them there were already plenty of entries but they wouldn't have access to the emails until they gave me my credit, and they told me it was on its way (yet again) two days later and its not here.

This alone makes this company pretty bad, but for a "cheap dress store" their prices are actually a lot higher than what you can get in an American store. *UPDATE* I just had a reader tell me that a few months ago she ordered something from the Dressale.com store and it has yet to arrive. Not only that but they won't even answer her emails, so when you're looking for a dress to buy I guess you shouldn't go to them.

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