Born Pretty Blue Watch

how born pretty watch comes
Born Pretty is a store that is well known for its nail products, from polish to stamps. I've been lusting over a few of their super cute designs. What you may not know thought is that they also sell things like iPhone 4/4s cases and what I'm going to be telling you about today, women's watches. Just like their more well known products, these are all very stylish, and at a good price. Ordering is easy, and shipping is free no matter where you live.

So here's how my wrist watch was sent to me by Born Pretty. It came in like a lot of other international packages do, wrapped in a mailing envelope. Then on the inside of that was a completely padded and tapped. When I got through all of that, there was this adorable polka doted box which was completely undamaged. Then you open that up and there is my fancy watch.

Even though I did an outfit post, my Punk Rock Outfit with this watch, I decided since you want the full look of this watch that I could do some extra pictures. Aren't I just the best wrist watch model you've ever seen? But for real, this blue is so vibrant and beautiful, and with a silicone band its so comfy. If you want to buy to shop at the  be sure to use the code HANNALC10 for ten percent off.

Hanna Marie Lei watch

how to model a watch

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