Book Review: Just Jesus

book by Walter Wink with Steven Berry
Just Jesus 
My Struggle To Become Human
By Walter Wink with Steven Berry

The final book by the renowned theologian and peace activist. Until his death in 2012 Walter Wink was one of the most influential Christian intellectuals of our time. He was a pastor and a theologian a political activist and writer. He first became a practitioner of active nonviolence during the Civil Rights Movement in Selma, Alabama and continued to seek social justice for all under dictatorships in Chile and apartheid in South Africa. Always through the lens of Jesus Wink's life and work demonstrate just how important the need to understand "the Son of the Man" is in today's modern world.

Wink shows us that inspiration and insight can come from any source: a Pentecostal church in Oklahoma dreams, Buddhist meditation centers, childhood traumas, an empty forest, illness and the Gospels. Wink's work in social justice and his life as a theologian are inextricably entwined, finding evidence for nonviolent resistance in the Bible and seeing the need for Jesus in daily struggles. 

"An autobiography of my interests in Jesus perhaps that is too ambitious" writes Wink. " What I have done here is far less grand. I have simply written down vignettes or excerpts of my life's story that I find interesting. These autobiographical reflections are in no way exceptional. Everyone had a life story. Some are more interesting than others, but they all deserve a hearing. My story may, at the very least show why I theologically think the way I do". Just Jesus is the jubilant autobiography of a man who sought justice in all walks of life including his own. 

Although they say that Walter Wink was a renowned theologian and peace activist, I had never heard of him. I do have to say though after reading his book, I'm very impressed. I'm very much into full equality which is exactly what Walter Wink stood for. This book is very inspiring, and can serve as a guide for your own Christian walk.

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