Book Review: Hands of Darkness

Book by Heather James Hands of Darkness
Hands of Darkness
LURE of the SERPENT: Book 2
By Heather James

A second chance for Evelyn Barrett. Evelyn is moving on as best she can with a new baby and a new job as a police consultant - the only job she can get after helping solve her daughter's murder. Evil is now her profession, but when her first case turns personal the hunt for one of the darkest examples of human depravity becomes a race she must win at any cost. 

Heather James is a practicing attorney and newspaper columnist who writes on marriage, family and parenting matters. She is the author of two novels, Unholy Hunger and Hands of Darkness. 

As I'm sure a lot of you already know I love a good mystery, especially in the form of crime novels. I'm always waiting for the next thing to happen, and with Heather James's book Hands of Darkness there are a lot of plot twists. I love Evelyn Barrett the main character. She's courageous, strong and smart, but at the same time very vulnerable, and her not being perfect is probably what I like best about her. Although this book is pretty heavy and has a lot of sad parts, here is hope. Hands of Darkness is a great read, if you liked The Reichenback Problem, Wildwood Creek or, The Vicar's Wife you'll want to look at Hands of Darkness for sure. 

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