Book Review: The Deeper Life

book the deeper life
The Deeper Life
Satisfying the 8 Vital Longing of Your Soul
By Daniel Henderson

Be known as a person of relevant faith escape the fog of daily distractions life a more intentional integrated life. Plenty of books talk about living a deeper life. This one shows you how - how to truly discover the answers to life's core questions and live them out in your thoughts words and actions. An acclaimed teacher on spiritual renewal, Daniel Henderson shares the principles and practices that are vital to a transformed life. He explains the longing that resonate in our souls p longings such as wanting to know God more fully, to know ourselves better to spend our time on things that matter - and shows how to systematically apply them to daily decisions and even long term goals. As countless believers have already discovered this gospel-oriented, Spirit - empowered approach will touch every part of your life and change the trajectory of your journey. 

For three decades Daniel Henderson has been guiding individuals leaders and churches to embrace experiences of powerful spiritual renewal. He has served as a seƱor pastor of thousands in congregations in California and Minnesota and today speaks across the nation on the principles of living a strategic and spiritually significant life. Daniel and his wife live near Denver Colorado. 

I have to say that I expected this book to be a self help kind of thing like Greater By Steven Furtick but it was more than that. The Deeper Life is really looking to try and renew you, and make you an all around better person, something I think a lot of people need help with and this book is really a great start to that. 

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