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Hair of Hanna Lei
My hair and I, aren't the best of friends. I bleach it blonde using John Frieda Hair Dye, and straighten it out using my Definition Series Flat Iron, which happens a few times a week. On those days that I don't happen to be straightening it, I'm doing those fun little ringlet curls. Even with shampoo and conditioner to strengthen hair, and fight damage, I still have thin hair. How thin? Well you see that picture above, that's all of my hair pulled forward. I hardly have enough hair to put in a pony tail. 

That's not the only problem with my hair though, because when I started growing it out, I noticed something… My hair doesn't grow, like at all. Measuring from my roots its about two inches in six months. Luckily though I don't have to to worry because the answer is as easy as

They offer all kinds of of different hair extensions like brazilian virgin hair. I had never heard of this before but its very black hair that's never been dyed and comes in straight, to very curly. My favorite though was the Clip In 26 inch Body Wave human hair in the lightest blonde.

wavy human hair extensions
I love them because for one, they're clip on and two, as you may know I recently have been wanting to wear my hair in a kind of curly style. Its how it naturally is, and since my hair does have some body to it, this would be perfect for a day that I don't want to fix it, and since I'm not the best at hair dye ever this looks like its already close to my natural shade and that's good too. 

very curly brazilian hair
My second favorite is the very curly virgin brazilian human hair. I love doing a super curly look with my hair, and once dyed to my light blond these would be perfect in. They'd not only add length but volume as well. Something I really need.

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