Bath & Body Works after Christmas Haul

What I bought from Bath & Body Works
Exactly one week ago, as a late Christmas present from my Grandparents I was given a $25 Bath & Body Works Gift Card. It wasn't late because my grandparents forgot about me, but rather because I was somewhere else during our family Christmas. Actually I was pretty surprised by this present, because normally from my Grandparents I get something, odd. Of course though I was happy with this present and spent the whole gift card online the next day. I had a 20% off coupon, and was looking especially at their sales, so I think I ended up doing pretty well. I just wish shipping wouldn't have been so much. Oh and all these links go to my reviews, not product pages, and if you scroll down to the very bottom, I did a haul video on Youtube.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Butter  - This was the first item from Bath & Body Works that I added to my cart, and also the most expensive at $6.00. For that I could have gotten two different products, but I couldn't resist. I love the idea of body butters and the name was just too much for me. Luckily though Warm Vanilla Sugar ended up being something I love.

Italian Lavender Foaming Hand Soap - Online these foaming hand soaps were selling for $3, and even though I normally don't buy my own hand soaps (I just use whatever appears in the bathroom) I had to get one, because I love them so much. I don't however like the smell, so I might have to gift this one to my boyfriend, who's bathroom has no soap. With an extra discount I ended up getting this soap for $2.40.

'Tis the Season Candle - When I opened up the Bath & Body Works box I was a little shocked at how small this candle was, but for $2.40 it isn't bad. Especially since it smells so nice. Even though its not going to be Christmas for awhile I think I'll burn it anyway, it's great for all of winter, not just Christmas I think.

Cotton Blossom Shower Gel - I'm sure Cotton Blossom isn't a scent for everyone out there, but for me, its the best thing ever. I love the smell of fresh clean laundry and of course I want to smell like I've just been put through the wash as well. Oh and I just realized it contains Aloe Vera perfect for my skin, since always gets a little sensitive in the winter.

Enchanted Orchid Body Lotion - The one item that I'm not really a fan of from my haul is this Enchanted Orchid Lotion. It looks nice, but it smells like baby powered. Plus it irritates my skin when I apply it. At least it was only $3.20

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