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 This was a picture from last night, I was bored and went on another selfie spree and took a lot of pictures of myself. This time around I took some that weren't bad. I wish though that I had better lighting so that they didn't look all grey like this. Oh, you might not be able to tell, but I'm wearing my High Low Ombre Sweater. In the morning I had to head out early because it was going to snow. I didn't feel like going early enough to completely beat it, but the roads weren't too bad.

Once I got there I started working on my homework, I thought it was due today, but it isn't actually due until Tuesday so I was rushing for nothing. Today my anthropology class wasn't nearly as full, which wasn't that surprising because people don't seem to like showing up to liberal arts classes. 

Afterwards I started on my calculus homework, instead of taking a nap. I figured I had way too much to do and it was too cold outside for my hour of sleep. I am pretty tired now though because I've had problems getting to sleep.
desks in college
 I was the first one into my 1:30 class, although a few people had already set their things down. That gave me time to take this picture of the desk that I'm forced to sit in. I think Im a pretty small girl and I find them to be uncomfortable. There are only four seats that are at a table, and they're so close to the teacher that I'd be embarrassed to use them. And these desks are made specifically for right handed people. Luckily all of my other classes have tables.
While in class, all we did the whole time was make points and graph stuff, I guess learning how to identify shapes just by seeing their equations. I was pretty excited about this one we made called an astroid, not an asteroid. After this class I continued to do math stuff, and avoid some of people in my program. Calculus class wasn't too bad, although I always seem to have a little trouble paying attention.  After class I rushed to my car because it was freezing again.

On my car was snow, only on the front windshield and one of the side windows. I started my car figuring the wipers could just brush it off, but the inner part was ice, so I had to get out in the cold and scrap my car. I didn't do a good job though because it took ten minutes to with the defrost on high for all the ice to come off. 

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