1 ft. of Snow and Putting Away Christmas Decorations

patio furniture covered in snow
 At the end of today, I'll have only one week left until the end of my winter break. That means next monday I'll be forced to get up, and drive myself to school, and soon after that studying will start. I haven't gotten my school books in the mail yet, but hopefully that'll happen soon. I was hoping my last week could be spent with a lot of relaxation, unfortunately that wasn't the case for today at least today. 

The first thing on my list to do was shovel snow. Normally this isn't a job I mind too much, I take my dog Checkers outside with me, and we make a good time of it. Today though the snow was so wet and heavy I was too exhausted to have fun, and there was so much of it (a full foot the weather channel said) that I had to go back out there there more times.
Calico cat trying to get in the Christmas tree
 In between my snow shoveling I was recruited to help take down our family christmas tree. Last year I did a post about putting up our Christmas tree, and the tree pretty much looked the same this year. As I was taking down all of the ornaments, my brand new used cat decided she was going to help out. She sat under the tree and batted at anything low enough to reach. That's better than yesterday though when she decided she wanted to climb the tree and was half way up before I could get her down. 
books all wrapped up
Then there are these three Ebay Sales  that are packaged and ready to go. I've been really working at listing things on eBay and shipping them out when they do sell so that I get a higher seller rating. I think I might do a post on how to successfully sell on eBay in the near future. I am a little worried though about being able to get these packages out tomorrow because the weather is supposed to be 10 below zero. Wish me luck!

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