There were no swings at Grandpa Larry's

its Big Hair
 Finally I had another all day date with Big Hair. Well almost since he did leave around seven. I woke up about seven and had such a hard time getting up that it took me the next fifteen minutes to convince myself to get out of bed. Then I put on my Snowflake Pajama Leggings  and an Abercrombie T-shirt, and after a few more minutes of working myself up to it I straightened my hair with my Definition Series Flat Iron and waited. 

When he came we almost immediately took a nap but my parents woke us up about ten. I was so hoping for more sleep but they insisted on us eating breakfast. So after a little longer just hanging out at my house we headed out to check out his sister's house that she just bought. Since they were moving in a few key furniture pieces, like the bed, were missing but I got a full tour.

The house was much nice than I expected, it had a sitting room right off the front door that was very distant from the rest of the home, and then down the hallway were three bedrooms and a bathroom. In the master bedroom there was a separate bathroom, and some weird closets. I think the only thing I didn't like were the those closets. Then back down the hall was the kitchen with cute blue cabinets and my favorite the living room. It has a nice cushy rug and a wall length fire place. 

Then we went back to my house for a very short while before going to five guys. The food was good but a little greasy, and afterwards we went with my boyfriend's father to his grandparents, the grandparents I went to for Christmas. I was promised there were swings but until the end of our time we didn't find them. 
trees and dead leaves
We assumed that his mother had meant these porch swings, so we went exploring. I always have fun on walks with Big Hair, so this might have been my favorite part of our "date". When we came to the mostly frozen pond, we threw sticks as hard as we could into it to see if we could break the ice. We didn't succeed so we must be pretty weak. I did however get this adorable picture of Conner, so that's a plus. As we were leaving we saw the real swing set, and I was a little disappointed. 

Then we went to my boyfriend's house to look at what he got for Christmas but went to the house his parents are having built instead. Its looking quite nice, but it seems really stressful. Then Big Hair came to my house to drop me off. 

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