The Dentist and Going to my Cousin's

This morning I woke up to two what I would say are "interesting" emails. One was very good, and the other not good at all. With the assumption that both things go through as they are supposed to the good far out weighs the bad. After reading these and responding to one, waiting until later for the other one, I got out of bed, and did all of my normal day to day things of getting ready. Then I went for a drive with my father and headed to the dentist.

Going to the dentist was absolutely terrible. The hygienist, did a very thorough job, so thorough that I think she also managed to get most of my gums as well. It reminded me of the woman moving the needle around in my arm while taking blood. Then I of course was scolded for not cleaning behind my permeant retainer very well. Its impossibly hard to do, so I don't think her talk changed my mind.

Its a lava lamp
 Then I went to my cousin's apartment, a little late since the dentist was behind. When I got there they were busy doing something so I sat and waited a little while. Not to long after that my cousin decided she was hungry and so her husband was forced to make all of us dinner. It was a noodle and lobster meal. Quite interesting, I have to say although sea food isn't my favorite. On the table was this awesome lava lamp I had to take a picture of. 

After talking about school for awhile about all the dumb people mostly, I forced my cousin to go try on the dress we gave her for Christmas, and although I was afraid it would be too short, it looked so good on her! I'm now very proud of my Abercrombie buy. 
newest grand theft auto
Then we settled down to play the Wii, which didn't end up working out. One control wasn't advanced enough for the games we wanted to play so we had to share. Then since it was low on battery it started giving us error messages that at first my cousin's husband blamed on her, until we figured it out. Then we started playing Grand Theft Auto a game I loved in middle school. This is however the newest version and the graphics are amazing. I'm still not the best car driver but better than I was last time I played the video game with Big Hair

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