Texas Roadhouse Dinner

food from Texas Roadhouse
Since it was my mother's birthday we went to her favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse. I decided that even though I didn't do a full post for Enzo's Pizza in Franklin I should have, and am going to make up for it by doing one for Texas Road House. We went on a Sunday night and although the place looked fairly full, we didn't have to wait for a booth. Sitting down the peanuts were already out and there was even a bucket to put the shells in. Personally I like to get the salt of the shells and then eat the insides but I know my health conscious mother wished they would have been unsalted.

Then the waitress sat down the bread and butter which is always fantastic. Of course it isn't quite as good as Olive Garden Breadsticks  but still something I'm more than happy to eat. I ended up ordering a medium rare steak and a side salad and mashed potatoes as my sides. My salad came first of course and I was surprised at how good it was. It had tomatoes egg both iceberg and spinach leaves and cheese on top, as well as my favorite dressing ranch. Everything was very fresh, I couldn't have asked for better.

Then finally my main meal came, the steak and mashed potato side. The baked potato that my mother ordered was what we were waiting on and they still didn't have it so she had to pick another side that they quickly brought out. I have to say that I'm glad I went with a medium rare steak, because it was rarer than how Outback Steakhouse  does their rare steaks. The steak was pretty good, but my favorite was the mashed potatoes because they have skin, and spices. 

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