Snowy Roads Before the First Final

snow covered walkway

what salt does to a vehicle
The first two finals of my freshman fall semester were today. The first one was for my psychology of a biological science class and it was at eight. Normally the class doesn't begin until nine but since finals are two hours we were scheduled to start an hour early. When I learned about this I was a little disappointed for two reasons. The first is because this test was simply going to be a normal non cumulative test, just like the three others that we took, all in the normal test time. So not only did I have to get up early to get there early, but I also had to wait extra time until my next class because the tests are so short.

Getting to school an hour early wouldn't really be a big deal, but last night there was snow. Unlike Friday, when there was freezing rain and snow, the roads didn't look nice. When I went out to the car my father had already gotten of all the snow, but when I pulled out of the driveway I didn't manage to wait long enough for the windshield to clear. So the whole way throughout the neighborhood, which road wasn't cleared at all, I couldn't see much. Luckily though when I got to the highway my windshield was clear, well sort of. I still had all the salt residue on there. 

I figured that the high way would be nice, but I'm not sure that it was every plowed. Even in very busy areas, you could only see patches of road. You couldn't tell where the shoulder started, or where the divider lines were. In sixty mile per hour speed limit areas, everyone was going thirty five. My drive normally takes me 40-45 minutes but I got to class in an hour and thirty minutes, and when I got there they were just finishing up clearing out the parking lot. I'm not sure why they couldn't bother to plow.

When I finally got in, it was only twenty minutes before the final, and not that many people were there, we started the final. A few more people walked in during the time I was there, which wasn't long because I only took thirty minutes for the test, and then I had to wait until one thirty. I hung out with a few people and tried to study for calculus and look over things for my UAV presentation.

Then a few minutes before my engineering class was supposed to start my teacher realized he was hungry, and went to go get something from the cafe, so he was a little less than ten minutes late. Then it was time for presentations, the first group went and were hit with so many complicated questions by another engineering professor sitting in and when my group went up we were so afraid he'd do it to us too.

But he didn't and ours was plenty long enough, actually he said we did a nice job. I'm hoping that means I can keep my A. After sitting through a few more presentations I was able to go home, where I walked without going through the buildings now that I'm getting used to the cold, but there had been snow that drifted into the sidewalk and I was forced to walk through it. Then I saw my car, that looks completely nasty.

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