Review: Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Butter

warm vanilla sugar body butter
I have to admit, that although I've reviewed, and used a lot of lotions in my life, I'm far from experienced when it comes to body butters. That's why I knew I had to get this Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Butter, when I saw it on Bath & Body Works site. To tell the truth even though it was more than I really wanted to spend, I had to have it, everything about it from the name, to the packaging was drawing me in.

I'll start with the packing of Warm Vanilla Sugar. I know from my Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter Review that body butters seem to come in these fancy little tubs, but I still love it. Sure its not the best form of application if you're in a rush, but for those times when you want to pile it on, this kind of packaging is perfect. Another thing I absolutely love about this Bath & Body Works packaging is the picture on the front, to me it looks like a pink rose covered in chocolate sprinkles, but what do I know.

To use this body butter, simply scoop some out with your fingers and apply it where needed. I find for me its perfect for my legs right after shaving. It doesn't irritate them, and the smell is so pleasant. It reminds me of being in a bakery. I'd say the Warm Vanilla Sugar body butter is very thick, but not in the same way as the Nivea Creme, it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling nice.

I really love the Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Butter, it smells great, better than sugar waxing, has great packaging and works very well. Its very thick making it a little hard to get out, but applies smoothy and absorbed well. This is a great Bath and Body Works product to check out. 

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