Review: Italian Lavender Foaming Hand Soap

antibacterial hand soap from bath & bod works
I'll readily admit that I love foaming hand soaps, and all of my favorites, just like this Italian Lavender anti- bacterial gentle foaming hand soap are all from Bath & Body Works. I mean there's Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap, the Fresh Picked Apples Foaming Hand Soap and my absolute favorite Aqua Blossom Foaming Soap. This Italian Lavender, isn't going to make my favorites list but it might for some other people.

First there is the packaging. Of course this isn't going to be your high end fancy display soap, no matter how much Bath & Body Works tries to tell you it is with its fancy "Italian Collection" label, but its still nice looking. I love the big pump handle and tapered shape, that I've never had a problem with.

This Italian Lavender Foaming Hand Soap isn't the kind with beads. That's a little disappointing but also a good thing according to one article I read about how those beads are polluting the water. It suds well, and seems to get the dirt off nicely, but I have to say I'm not a fan of the lavender smell. Its just not my thing.

Overall I really like this Bath & Body Works Italian Lavender Soap. It doesn't have any beads which is a good thing/bad thing but it does foam well, and come in a bottle I'm a huge fan of. I won't be buying it again though because the lavender scent is just too realistic for me. I do think I'll try others in the Italian Collection. 

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