Review: Goody Spin Pin

what the spin pin by goody looks like
I know it was awhile ago, and I'm normally on top of these review posts, but you might remember that I was given this Goody Spin Pin double set for Christmas from my parents . I had previously seen these spin pins, quite awhile ago in my local drug store CVS, but never thought to buy them. I mean sure they looked interesting but I've always been a bobby pin girl. I'm so glad though that I tried these out because for lazy day hair, you can't have anything better than the Goody Spin Pin.

I'm not sure that I should talk too much about the packaging since these are hair ties, and its not really going to matter. I mean, unlike the lotions I review the packaging is only temporary. I do have to say though that I'm not the biggest fan of it, although there isn't anything really wrong. The biggest problem was that these pins are for light hair. They look pretty dark to me, and very brown. 

To use simply pull your hair together and twist it up. Then take one of the pins and start slowly twisting it in from the open side. With one pin in, I found that my hair was already pretty much all the way up, and the second Goody Spin pin was just to keep everything in place. No hair ties or bobby pins are needed. To take out, simply do the reverse. 

I absolutely love how these spin pins worked. Sure they can't do a lot of things that bobby pins can do, but as far as making a bun, nothing beats them. I just add a little sea salt texturizing spray and I have a look that takes two minutes, looks great, and holds all day. These are necessity for any girl for sure, I mean the only problem I have is how dark they are.

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