Review: Enchanted Orchid Body Lotion

bath and body works pink lotion
Since I just reviewed, another Bath & Body Works Lotion, its the perfect time to talk about this Enchanted Orchid Body lotion, that is a part of the Signature Collection from Bath & Body Works. Its said to have vitamin e, jojoba & shea butter. Although I really wanted to like this Enchanted Orchid body lotion as much as I do most Bath and Body Works products, I have to admit that I'm not really feeling it. This lotion just isn't for me.

I do however like the packaging on Enchanted Orchid. It has an easy to open lid, and the picture is so pleasant. Not only that, but its also a light purple. Even though I'm mostly over buying things like purple shampoo to keep away yellow , when it happens I'm still pretty happy about it. So thank you Bath & Body Works lotion.

Since Enchanted Orchid is a body lotion, its not meant for the hands or face, and although I would keep it away from my face, its perfectly fine for anywhere else. Or at least texture wise it is, being very similar to the Breathe Happiness Lotion. Although it absorbed well, this lotion irritates my skin a little, I mean its not a big deal because it doesn't last very long but not at all a pleasant feeling, The biggest issues I have with this Bath & Body works lotion is that instead of smelling like a nice orchid flower, it smells a whole lot more like baby powder. 

Overall I'm not really a fan of Bath & Body Works Enchanted Orchid Body Lotion. I like how it looks, both the lotion and its packaging but that's about it. It irritates my skin a little, and the smell isn't that great. Not a lotion I'm going to buy again.

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