Review: Covergirl Whipped Creme Foundation

swatch of cover girl whipped foundation
A few weeks ago I was given this Covergirl Clean Whipped Foundation to review, and after trying it out for all that time, I'm finally reviewing it. Also at the end is a video review that I made of this foundation too, just incase you want to see how I apply it, and how smoothly it goes on. Overall I really like this whipped foundation by Covergirl, and the only negative thing I have to say is that I wish it were in my size.

Starting with the Covergirl Clean Whipped Foundation packaging. I like that the brand, and color are easy to see, and the number isn't hidden away somewhere, mine is 355. The twist top makes it easy to use either with your fingers or getting a brush in there, I mean its wide enough for any brush I own, and its not hard at all to open, even for those ladies who have long nails.

How does it work though? For me fantastically. This whipped foundation isn't going to be able to go solo for your huge breakout days or if you have continual skin problems, because its very light. I'd say its just a tad heavier than my Hydroxatone BB Cream, and it goes on just as smooth as any lotion I've ever tried. It stays feeling that nice all day on the skin, and lasts long into the night. I just put a little Garnier Moisture Rescue SPF Lotion  and this foundation on, and I'm ready to go out for the day.

Overall I really love this Covergirl Clean Whipped Foundation, and do plan on buying it for myself in the future (in my skin color of course). It provides a light coverage, which is perfect for me, lasts all day, and feels so nice on my skin. Even with all this winter dryness it does crack. And it doesn't smell, something I cannot stand about foundation.

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