Pets: One Week of Cricket

cat college
Here's my second ever post under the new heading "Pets". Of course just like the First Collage of Cricket this one is all about my new cat.  First up is a photo of Cricket sitting with my on the bed, that I sent as a text message. She looks absolutely cuddly in it, or at least that's what i was told. I have to say its the most professional looking photo of her from this week.

Then there is little cricket. By little I means she's curled herself up so much that she's taking the least possible amount of space to sleep. I'd say this is her normal sleeping position. Up next though is a picture of my cat when I was trying to take a picture of her. Unfortunately I forgot that the flash was on, which made Cricket close her eyes. Still pretty cute though. 

Then she's laying on my bed, on a black cover that I'm sure is almost white now with her fur all over it. I think that she looks like this because I was waking her up to get her off, sleepy eye photo. It didn't work though, so I had her assistance when I was writing about my Venus Embrace VoxBox.

The last two photos were taken when I was making the video for my Caturday with Cricket. We were playing with a string and her begging face, trying to get me to play with her was so cute. Unfortunately I deleted that picture though and ended up with these two. 

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