Pets: Model Elizabeth Ann

Its Elizabeth Ann the Bird
I figured since I had done some many collages of Cricket the Cat that my African Grey Elizabeth Ann deserved one too. To be honest, she's a little more photogenic that Cricket, so that works in her favor too. I took all of these at the same time, in the same place, as you can probably tell. She looks a little sleepy in biggest photo because its eleven which may not be too late for a person to be up, but for a bird once it gets dark it gets close to sleep time. 

A few of you have been asking how my bird and cat are doing together, and I know I mentioned in Caturday with Cricket that my cat was way too interested in the bird. The first day we got her, all she did was stare at Elizabeth. Poor bird tried to be friendly and everything saying hello twice, but cricket just kept staring. She kept sticking her face near the cage and would stretch as high as she could.

One day when the cat was doing this, Elizabeth the African Grey decided to tease her and went down to where Cricket could reach her. Of course Cricket was too much of a chicken, but I'm sure Elizabeth would have bitten her. By the week's end though I think Cricket has realized she isn't going to get her.

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