Pet Photos: Cricket and the Bath & Body Works Box

collage of a calico cat
I just did a collage of my cat but somehow within 24 hours I managed to get six more photos of her. Since I'm afraid this might be a regular occurrence I've decided to change the header of these type of posts from Life Photos, to Pet Photos, for more organization. Plus that way I have a place to put the photos of my bird and dog.  The first photo is of Cricket playing with the paper inside the box that my Bath & Body Works Haul products came in.  She wasn't just batting it around but biting it as well.

The next photo is of my cat finding a comfy spot on the day bed in our home office. If I'm looking for her, this is the first place to go because she is always in there. Maybe its because its warmer with the heater on, or maybe she likes the bed.

Next is a photo I was trying to take to send my boyfriend, but it didn't work out. Too blurry. I also tried to record a video of her purring, something she does all the time, but my phone microphone didn't pick it up. Then there is Cricket sitting on the couch with me. She has the oddest way of placing her body, and no matter what she always seems comfortable. This is the same time we found out she likes popcorn when we were eating it ourselves.

Other than my dog Checkers's bed, in the kitchen cricket likes to sit at one of the counter chairs. To tell the truth I'm not really sure if we should let her sit there, because its too much temptation for her to climb up a little higher to the counter where she isn't allowed. The last photo was taken at the same time as the one about the peta2 street team and I think she looks so pretty in it.

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