Outfit: Oasap Wave Print Knit Skirt

outfit of Hanna Lei
This is the third and final outfit post of Oasap items from my most recent order. If you missed them, the first was a Purple Ombre High Low Sweater, and the second was Fish Scale Leggings. This wave print knit skirt was not only third on the blogging about list, but also third on the list of items I added to my online shopping cart. You could say though that I saved the best for last, because even though its winter, with a long jacket and high socks (or tights) I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of this skirt coming up. Its so cute, even if a little short, and the pattern reminds me of sound waves. 

  • Black Trench Coat - Juicy Couture
  • Combat Boots - Steve Madden
  • High Socks - Tj Maxx
  • Pink Tank - Kohls
  • Skirt - Oasap.com

I added the pink tank top because with all the black white, and creme floating around I wanted something bright and vibrant. Because it is cold out right now, I added on top my black trench coat. I think this is the first outfit I've had where the trench coat is longer than it, which is a different look. Not necessarily bad though. Then the socks were added because tights made the outfit look a little too busy and I wanted something to keep me a little warmer. Last are the combat boots that I added because I love mixing masculine and feminine pieces together. Below is my video of the outfit.

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