Outfit: Oasap Sequin Boots

outfit with sequin boots
Well, I just received a package from Oasap, and although it was only one thing that they gave me this time, its super exciting. Why you ask? Because I got shoes, and because this is my first time getting shoes from them I do plan on doing a full post about the packaging and such, because I was quite impressed. Oh and these do come true to size. Anyways, I bought them for two reasons, the first being they're super cute, I mean really. They look very similar to a pair of sparkly Ugg boots that I saw at Nordstrom, but these were only $35, and after looking at them just as nice of quality. 

The second reason I bought these shoes, is because its freezing outside, and I didn't have any winter boots. All lined with wool and such these sequin ankle boots did the trick of keeping my feet warm. Today it was so cold that while I was scraping off my car, my wet hair froze, but my feet were nice and cozy. I'll admit though this isn't the most "fashionable" outfit of the day I've done, but it's one of the most comfortable, and since today I had finals, I think its alright. 

Cardigan - Tj Maxx Haul
Lace Tank - Nordstrom Rack
Under Tank - Kohls So Tank
Sequin Boots - Oasap.com
Jeans - Unknown

The Lace bow top, I picked because its so free flowing, so it hides my extra pounds, and because I simply love lace. Because of the cut out back I did have to add a kind of modesty tank underneath though. I added the cardigan on top, because when I left the house this morning it was eleven degrees. Those jeans though, were just added for comfort. I've had them for at least 3 years and they aren't the best fit for me, and they're a little worn, but since I knew I was going to be stressed all day I wanted to feel good. And now for the video, this one is a little different then some of the others I've done. 

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