Outfit: Oasap Lace Embellished Dot Tights

outfit picture from the 1920's
I'm really starting to love doing outfit posts, and to tell the truth they might even become a weekly thing. Even if I don't have something new and fancy to wear, so beware of jeans and t-shirts, I'm kidding, but not really. Today however, I do have a cute outfit to show you that is reminiscent of the 1920's just like my 1920's Tribal Style outfit. With a jacket this outfit however, is very winter friendly.

Pearl and Silver Necklace - From the Big Hair
Knit Ugg Boots - Big Hair's Parents 
Short Patterned Dress - Old
Lace Embellished Tights - Oasap

The first part of this outfit is that pretty pearl necklace. I absolutely love it, maybe even a little too much.  I currently trying to keep myself from wearing it every day for the rest of forever, so don't be surprised if you see it in a few more outfit posts. Next is the tribal dress that I'm wearing. Its a little, okay a lot short on me, but not quite to the dangerous point. I love how the top part fits though with the built in band, and the fabric is such a cute pattern.

Then on my legs. The tights are so cute, I absolutely love the dot print, and the lace inserts on the sides (or back if that's your preference) can make this a very grown up look. They aren't itchy and fit me well. I think the knit boots really complete the outfit. They give a casual feel, and are so warm and comfortable. For this look I buttoned them all the way up.

To see this outfit in motion, and hear my wonderful speaking voice you can check out the video about that I made. You'll also get to see the whole outfit in color, but let me warn you, its all shades of white grey and black. Oh and you see that piece of paper on the ground? That's the periodic table.

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