Outfit: Fall/Winter Rose Button Coat

Rose button coat fall outfit
Well, I really struggled with what to exactly call this outfit, because its really a staple look for me. Anytime there's a semi casual event that I have no idea what to wear to, this is what I go with. Its cute, and fun so no matter what I'm not going to look over dressed, but its also nice enough that I won't get "the look" for being too casual. I mean, no matter how much I love my jeans I can't wear them everyday. The whole outfit really is put together around that multicolor skirt, a piece that my mother made for me. I'm hoping to get her to guest blog and do a tutorial on how to make it. 

Crop Sweater - Nordstrom
Skirt - Made by My Mama
Owl Necklace - Fossil
Shoes - Coach

First up is that crop top. I've had this mute green piece for years now, and until getting the skirt, haven't really had anything to wear it with. Its a lightweight knit and does need something worn underneath it, however with the right color high waisted pants or skirt it looks great. I've done a whole Guide to Wear a Crop Top. Then there is that skirt. Its so pretty, and fits so nicely, the only thing I don't like though is that super obvious white waist band. 

Next is my Coach sneakers. Although I wouldn't say I'm the biggest coach fan (I did however get a cute coach bag for my birthday), these shoes are quite nice. They really add into the casual look. Last is the necklace that was given to me by Big Hair's grandparents. Its so cute, and very nice of them to buy for me. Originally I had the earrings on as well, but it kind of overpowered the look.

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