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A long while ago, when I first started my personal blog I accepted comments, and did for quite some time. As my blog became more popular though, the quality of the comments went down. I started getting a ton of spam, lots of silly people writing one world and then leaving their own blog link, and weird messages. All of that I could pretty much deal with, but then there were the passive aggressive or down right mean comments that I'd get. Comments telling me that I'm just trying to show off my stuff, or that I buy expensive things to make people feel bad. So when I went off to big kid school, also known as college I shut my comments off. 

I simply didn't have the time, or the motivation to deal with them. I mean my blog isn't something that I'm doing for money, or attention, its simply my diary that I keep open for anyone to read. If it was private, the only thing that'd be different is that I wouldn't do beauty reviews, since I like to tell you guys about the products I try out. I'd still do my rants, pictures from hanging out with my boyfriend, all my food photos, and pictures of what I wear.

Before I get too far off onto some other subject, I wanted to say that I've decided that even if I have to deal with some comments I don't really like I'm going to start having comments on my blog again. Personally I only like reading blogs that have a comment section, even if I rarely use it, and its a great way to connect with those of you who read my blog. Although I do sometimes get emails from some of you who really have something to say, and if you want to write me a big long letter keep it coming because I love them. 

On a side note, these comments will be moderated. This is for two reasons, first I don't want to let spam get through, and second that way I'll be seeing and responding to everyone's comments, and if you don't see your comment up for a day or so, don't worry I'm just busy, because I'm going to approve just about everything. Unless you're talking about murdering people, I'm going to censor that kind of thing.

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