November 2013 Empties

all used up products for november
Alright, I know I'm about three days late with this November empties post, since it has been officially December for that long, but have some leniency. I mean, I've been doing really well on these empties posts, this being my third one in a row. Anyways, these are all the products that I used up last month, and this time around the variety is quite nice, plus all of my empties have already been reviewed, so you can have in full detail what I did and didn't like about them.

Peel Off Cucumber Mask - I've had this product sitting around for what feels like forever. It works well and feels nice on my skin, but I never get around to using it. For starters is takes 20 minutes to dry (if you do a light coating) and you have to use it before you take a shower. Why? Because somehow all those little mask pieces don't come off no matter how hard you look when peeling it off.

Tresemme Moisture Shampoo -  This was the shampoo that really got me back into using Tresemme products. It's spoiled me! It comes in a big bottle, smells great, works great and is a cheap price. I haven't found any product that I like as well as this one for everyday use, especially if you have thick or oily hair.

Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray - When I first received this hair product in a VoxBox, I was not a fan, not at all. This year though I started using it when I didn't want to brush out my second day hair, and it worked like a charm. It great, unlike the ocean, and I can honestly say its been my favorite go to products when I'm in a rush.

Secret Stress Response Deodorant - I'm a little sad to say that I've finished up this antiperspirant. Lucky for me since I won the Influenster Challenge I have a lot more where it came from. It works really well, even if I wouldn't call myself a stress sweater, and smells great. That whole stress sweat name is the only problem I have with this product. 
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