My New Years Resolutions

1. Study (more) for my classes

I think that next semester is going to my hardest semester of college. I have two advanced math classes, a calculus based physics class, a computer programing class, and only one fun one to even it all out, anthropology. Next semester is really the make or break if I can continue on in the program. Plus with some things going on I'm not sure I'll be able to take as many classes after this semester.

2. Write a blog post everyday

This is something that lately I've really been working on, and for the most part doing a great job at. I think that I only skipped two days last month. Its important though, because I love having these posts to look back on, sometimes I imagine my blog as a virtual scrapbook. Plus my blog in many instances has been a place for me to write out my emotions, which is something that has really helped me.

3. Be Healthy

I'll admit it, I've gained weight. A significant amount when you consider what I used to weight to what I weigh now. The weight gain isn't really a big deal though because I was underweight. The problem is that I'm such an unhealthy eater. My diet consists of sugary drinks, chips, and different forms of chocolate. This year I plan on completely changing that, and exercising too. Not running of course, but walking and light yoga would be good. 

4. Get a Job

I would like to think that I can just do this whole blogging thing forever and always as my source of income, but that isn't the case. I mean, I get cool things like spiked shoes, sets of soaps and lotion , and even dryer balls once, but I need a steady income of cash. I have this idea of working at a clothing store, or even better a department store at the mall. 

5. Do Things

I love nothing more than sitting at home, doing some type of DIY project or baking and then writing about it. Other than studying, this is about all I do. I need to start getting out more, being a part of school activities and simply doing things with my friends when they invite me to. 

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