My Christmas Gifts From Big Hair (and Family)

presents from my boyfriend
 Although I really wanted to do present stuff on Christmas Eve, it ended up happening today, and that's fine, except it makes it that much harder to wait until Christmas for the rest of my presents, especially with awesome things like these that I was given. I mean, I absolutely love what they gave me, all of it, and it was all a surprise. I'm sorry that this group picture isn't that great, but I couldn't think of any fancy way to take it.
Unicorn rainbow pillow pet
 First is this pillow pet I was given. I've been wanting one of these since I went shopping at Walmart for my cousin's kid and saw one. They were $40 so I told him that although I wanted one, because I am five years old, I didn't want him to get it unless he could find it for less. I mean that is a little high for a plush. Of course he didn't listen and got it anyways, which was especially unfortunate because at CVS his mother saw them for $20.

But I really do love my unicorn friend. It's so rainbow and colorful, and mystical. Plus its a pillow and a pet. And all that lighting up is awesome. I'm not proud to admit this, but I carried it around for quite awhile after getting it.
necklace from Zales
 Next is the other item that my boyfriend bought for me, a pearl and silver necklace. I knew he was wanting to get me jewelry, but I had no idea what it'd be. When I unwrapped it, I didn't make the happiest face ever, because just a few hours before I'd bought a very, very similar necklace from Tiffany's.

Its all okay though because my mother was more than happy to take my Tiffany's Great Gatsby one, and I'll be able to pick out a new piece of jewelry. So its a win win. Plus I think the one that Big Hair bought for me is a little more age appropriate.
what my boyfriend's sister bought
After he opened the presents I gave him for Christmas, and my parents opened what he gave them we went to his house so I could give them their presents, and open what they gave me. First up is what his sister bought, a cardigan and gloves. The cardigan is a very nice color, and very wearable for me. The gloves/arm warmers, are great too. She bought me things I'd buy myself.
present from Conner's parents
Then what my boyfriend's parents bought me, Uggs. I was real surprised to open these because Uggs are a pretty nice present for a teenage girlfriend. Plus they're very cute. I love the contrasting inside color for folding. I just wish I had bought them something better than alcohol chocolate now!

Oh and here's a video that Big Hair sent me of his bath bomb which he, to my surprised ended up liking very much.

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