My 2013 Christmas

I know for the past few days all I've been writing about is Christmas things.  If you're not someone who celebrates Christmas, than I'm sorry to put you through it, and if you are someone who does, but just doesn't like all my Christmas blogging, than I'm sorry too, but not as sorry. Anyways this is my Christmas roundup post, and the last you'll hear about Christmas from me for the rest of the year. So here we go.
home with a gate at christmas

My Christmas events started out pretty earlier, the 21st to be specific, when I went to my boyfriend's grandparents . I ended up having a great time, funny because I was quite worried I wouldn't, and was given a very nice gift from his grandparents. I will admit though that I may not have had such a great time if we wouldn't have left before the game playing went. Then although I had a bunch of very stress filled shopping to do, I didn't have another "event" until Christmas Eve Junk night. Normally we have people over but this year it was just my parents and I. It was nice to spend a little time with them. On Christmas day, or rather evening since we didn't head over until four I went to my grandparents house for Christmas Dinner

boyfriend Presents
what my parents gave me for Christmas
what my family gave me
The first presents I opened were from my boyfriend and his family. He came over the 23 and gave me a very pretty necklace as well as an adorable pillow pet. He was even sweet enough to give my parents gifts, quite a few actually. We then went over to his house where his parents gave me gifts too, and spent way more than what was needed for a teenage girlfriend of their son/brother but I did like everything they got me. Then on Christmas I opened my presents,  few of which were a surprise because I had went with my parents to buy them. That's not saying I wasn't happy though, because I loved everything. Then later that evening at my Grandparents I opened up what was given to me by my relatives. 

In case you're thinking that I received all of these presents but didn't give anything I also did a few posts on what I bought others. Although I'll admit that since I'm not always that great with time management some of the presents weren't photographed before being given away. My boyfriend seemed to love everything that I gave him for Christmas, something that I was really worried about. I mean I try to get him things he'll like but its hard. Even harder than getting things for my boyfriend is getting Christmas presents for my boyfriend's family. I honestly wish I had done a better job, because they gave me such nice things. Last were the presents that I gave my extended family, and although I think I did a good job with their presents I only managed to take a picture of two of them.

I have to say that my Christmas was pretty great. I was able to spend a lot of time with my family, some time with my boyfriend and ended up with a lot of presents that I really love. I'm also pretty proud of some of the presents that I gave but next year I'm going to work on more personalized gifts. 

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