Moving the Needle Around while taking Blood

bruisse on arm
Yesterday I had my day with Big Hair, and we went to see a Christmas play. So since I was free of the Big Hair on our normal date day I went to get my blood drawn. After that I had wanted to go visit my grandmother to make cookies, but she was too busy for me. So I headed out just to get my blood drawn. I left about 9:30 and since it was snowing, again, I wore a pair of really heigh rain boots so I wouldn't get my feet wet. I'm glad I did too because that snow stuff was melting into a slush as soon as it hit the ground. 

When I went into the blood place there was a little bit of a wait, but it wasn't a big deal. I've donated blood before and even did a post on what to wear when donating blood so I wasn't nervous walking into the back area and sitting down. She asked me what arm I wanted so I just put up one and she tied it off and asked me to make a fist. Then she did the alcohol swab to clean up and poked the needle in me.

From that I could already tell that she wasn't the most experienced of blood takers. It hurt when she put the needle in. Then she kept moving it around, she was all "you have such nice veins I don't know what the problem is" so when I was about at my breaking point, because doing this really does hurt she had an idea. Maybe the vial was broken, and of course that was the problem. As soon as the new one went in my blood flowed just fine. 

So now I have a huge bruise on my arm, not as bad as the nexplanon bruise, but it still hurts. Actually every time I bend my arm I feel some pain. To make it up I had a nice mean at Mcdonalds and then I was off to study for my last final that is going to be on Monday!
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