Life Photos: Tiffany's Spike Shoes

its my life in photos
The first photo I'm starting with is a Tiffany's signature blue box. The thing is that I didn't end up getting it because Conner bought me one that looked almost exactly like it, which is the Single Pearl Necklace from Zales. All ended up just fine though because my mother took the Tiffany's one instead. I love thought the picture simply because of how nicely they tie the ribbon.

Next is shoes that I was given by Oasap. They're probably the only Spiked Suede Heels that I'll ever own, but given the option to get them I couldn't help myself. I really like them. Unfortunately my boyfriend doesn't feel the same, which made me feel a little sad. So no wearing my punk rock shoes around him I guess.

Then there is Elizabeth my African Grey, also known as my sister. I would love to do a photo shoot with her, but as you can tell by her shoulder she has yet to give up on pulling out her feathers, and I have no cure for it. Lately she's been especially talkative.

Next up is a picture I took of a picture of my Uncle Dusty at my little grandmother's Christmas. I was sitting with my cousin's daughter looking through pictures, and she pointed this one out and said that was Big Hair. I tried to explain to her that it was her grandfather but she didn't quite get it.

Then there are two christmas photos. The first is of my poor attempt to wrap my boyfriend's Christmas presents. Each of the three got worse until I came to this last one. Since it was funny I decided to keep it. Last is a photo of my room Christmas tree. I think it might stay up for a long time because I need a night light.

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