Life Photos: First PETA activism

what I did on peta street team
I just did a post promoting the peta2 street team so I figured I could do a little round up of my latest Peta activism. Back in middle school, maybe freshmen year as well, I was very into doing peta things, and over winter break I decided I could give it a go again. I mean I've had the time, although that's almost over now I'll probably continue working at it. I mean, I got that really cool Peta Veggie Burger T-shirt, and helping animals is always a great thing, not to mention a lot of PETA tasks are actually fun to do. 

First up are these gift tags. These presents were actually my boyfriend's Christmas presents , and to be honest I don't think he realized the gift tags were even there. I however liked them quite well. They have cute sayings like Peas on Earth and all have the peta2 logo.

Then next is my fantastic new to me used cat. I haven't submitted the fact that I adopted her for points yet, and I'm not sure if I will, but without Peta I don't think I would have thought to get a shelter cat so I think she counts.

The next two are of the miniature christmas tree that resides in my room. Peta had animal ornaments that you write wishes on as well as a nugget star. The star was especially helpful because my tree didn't previously have a topper.

The next photo isn't any type of outfit post but rather my backside with a save booty wool inspired piece of paper on it. If you didn't already know this, wool is an extremely cruel product. If it wasn't for the street team action I would have never known it was an issue.

Last is the Peta2 number. You can text it, with no charge of course, and peta will get back to you. This is great if you have an urgent animal rights question. 

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