Life Photos: Cricket's First Collage

collage of a calico cat
Well, I talked about how I just got a used cat, and it seems I already took six photos of her on my phone. That means its time for a post!

The first photo is of my pretty, little calico cat in one of few photos that I managed to get her face. She is one of the few cats that I've seen with brown eyes (even if they are a little yellow), and she has these awesome markings. Actually her face is the only place where she is mostly colored. 

On the bottom left she's sitting in my mother's lap as my mom, who wrote a guest post for me on how to make a ruffled skirt without a pattern  is trying to do some computer stuff. I'm not sure if she's blogging or checking her email, maybe just looking on the web but Cricket is right there with her. Those by the way are her back feet and its just such a funny position that I had to take a picture. 

One to the right is the cat again in the office. This time she though she didn't have to be in anyone's lap. As you can see from the next right picture she's doing the same activity sleeping. In this one you can see just how much white little cricket has on her fur, as well as the fact I'm wearing my Abercrombie haul yoga pants that just so happen to match her collar. 

Then there she is on my poor Checkers Dog's bed. For some reason it would seem that I have a little pansy dog who isn't willing to take back her place, so I guess she gets what she deserves. 

Last is another photo of my cat helping take down the Christmas tree. I already posted one photo, but that's never enough, because its just so funny. I do wish though that I would have gotten a video of her trying to climb it.

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