Life Photos: Big Hair + Hanna

Boy and Hanna
The first photo is of me in a bear hat I got for Christmas. Since I am still about five years old at heart I was so excited about getting this hat that I started wearing it immediately. Since the weather is getting very cold it might also be a useful hat. Its very warm and has ear flaps. I only hope I won't be judged too much for wearing it about. 

The bottom photos were taken on after another. One with me wearing glasses and looking like a scientist kind of like how I looked for my factory visit in Ohio. When I first took these pictures, I liked the one without glasses better but now that I'm looking at them again I think the glasses pictures look better!

Then there is a random extra photo of my lace embellished dot tights. I didn't need this one for the post, and instead of deleting it I figured I could save it for picture post time. As you can see, I'm not that great at lining up the lace.

Last are two photos of Big Hair. This was right before my boyfriend started teaching me to play bass. This stupid boy started texting me, he has been for awhile, and I was quite frankly tired of it, so I decided to send him pictures of Big Hair. Unfortunately it didn't work because he's still sending me texts, even though I haven't responded.

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