Life Photos: College Collage

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Well, since the fall 2013 semester is long over I figured I could share my class schedule, of course I blanked out a few of the more sensitive information things, but here it is. Whenever I start a new semester like my second winter semester I like to take a screen shot of my class schedule that way I don't have to remember what time/ what room everything is in. Unfortunately though it takes me about a month to finally figure it out, but I wanted to save all it in what I like to call my memory book of a blog. 

This next photo I took the day someone parked too close to me at school of my anthropology quiz. We have these every day of class at the end to go over what we learned. They're kind of a participation thing as well as a preparation for the test. The thing is, he has yet to pass back any of them and I'm going to want them to study for tests, so I decided to take a picture, a great idea I think.

The next pictures are all of homework that I had for math class. My teacher is the same one that I had when I barely passed that math class and she stresses me out to no end, so I had to get all of my homework answers correct by comparing with others around me. So far I'm doing pretty well, and just need to work on graphing on those circle grids.

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