Life Photos: A Chicken Box, and Princess Shovel

is my life photos country
Well to start out these life photos are two pictures of a girl that I've been friends with since before preschool's chicken box. I went to visit her after going to Enzo's Pizza in Franklin. This chicken box is different not only because its made with wood that came from the same place as the pallet chest I'm making  but because this girl lives in town. Like on the main street. Awhile back this chicken just started showing up and since it kept getting in their garage they decided they might as well make it a little home to stay in, so it wouldn't make a mess when it was able to sneak in their garage. Unfortantly it wasn't home when I took this picture.

Then there is the screen shot that I accidentally took with my beaver in it as well as the Instagram application. All of my other apps are nicely but away in folders but, not this one. Maybe eventually it will go away. I really do need a new screen shot.Next is my jeans that I'm not exactly sure where they came from. They look pretty washed out but that might just be because they're light colored.

After that is the packages I got in the mail at one time. It always seems like this happens and  then I'm rushed to get all the blog posts up. The round tube is the monogram wall decal the envelope thing is my doll dress from the Doll Clothes Super Store and the last one I haven't blogged about yet.

Last is a photo of a shovel I saw at tractor supply. Its not somewhere I frequent but for dog food and kitty litter ( I use equine pine) its the best place to buy in bulk. I was walking around just browsing when I came across it, and with its disney princess theme how could I not document it.

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