Food Photos: Spaghetti at Home, Coffee Sample

food I eat
The biggest picture is spaghetti that my mother made one night. Although it is a fast food to make she rarely does because its so messy it takes quite a few pots and pans for such a simple meal. This one is a meat free version. On the side is a salad that I had, with tomato.

Then on the bottom left is a coffee sample that came in the mail. I used to be really big on getting free samples and such, even having a blog dedicated to it, but with college and all I haven't had time to keep it up for over a year. That's life though. I think since its winter break though I'll try and get some of the beauty samples so I can do reviews like Origins GinZing Moisture Lotion, I mean I have the time.

Then there is a gingerbread hard icing dipped thing that my mother's friend gave us. She loves baking and all that so I know whenever we see her I'm going to be in for a treat. This gingerbread was a lot stronger than those Gingerbread Cake Pops I made

Then there are two vending machine snacks, welches fruit snack on the far right bottom, and then right above them sour dough pretzels. Those fruit snacks were pretty cheap, and I alway loved eating them. Next semester I plan on bringing my own. And then the pretzels which without the salt would all be very healthy.

Last is a dinner I ate, rushing, right before talking to Big Hair on FaceTime. It was a chicken and cheese enchilada which was good, with an okay salad (it did have tomato though) and these horrible puff corn things. Even with butter I still hated them.
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