Food Photos: Second Day Home Made Chicken Noodle Soup

food I eat everyday
Unlike the Lobster Noodle food post, for this food post I'm actually going to start with the largest food photo, second day home made chicken noodle soup, or really stew that I had for lunch today. Last night  I had it for dinner, and since I woke up too late for lunch with everyone I had it for my own personal lunch. Let me tell you, it tastes absolutely nothing like a canned soup and just like chili after its had time to rest, the leftovers are even better than the first meal.

Next is what I had for dinner tonight after working so hard on my Bath & Body Works Haul. I did five reviews and a video to make that post perfect, and I have to say that its one of my better ones as of lately. My dinner was mashed potatoes and red cabbage, cooked with apples. I can't say the kraut was my favorite meal ever but I did eat all of it so I must not have disliked it that much. 

My normal McDonalds meal that I had the day Big Hair taught me to play Bass . We took it to his house to eat, and ate on their different colored plates. I got yellow :( My cheese burger and fries were good like usual.

Then there is another lunch I had this week, actually when I had to do all that snow shoveling and christmas putting away . Although that wasn't fun my lunch, bean soup and vegetables with ranch flavored dip was quite good. With enough dip I feel like I can eat vegetables all day long.

Above that is a leftover type dinner I had with my parents before the freezing weather started. It had these weird pasta things with balls of spinach on the inside, that I'm not sure I liked. The salad however was fine. 

Last is the chicken corn and mashed potatoes I had for dinner. It was surprising how good the chicken tasted, and I always love corn and mashed potatoes. Now that I think about it the left overs from that chicken and some of the corn as well, went into making the homemade chicken noodle soup.

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