Food Photos: Macaroni Broccoli and German Hot Dogs

my food macaroni and cheese
First on the list is something that I had for dinner a few days ago. Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli and german hot dogs in it. This mean is one of my mother's quick specialties, except with regular hot dogs, and I remember when I was little and had friends over this was the favorite food. I'm not really a fan of having the german hot dogs in it though because the casing is too thick. I had a piece of beer bread with it, which was sweeter than I expected. I prefer making white bread from scratch.

Next is a part of my diet, that I mentioned I was doing in my last food post about healthy vending machine food. I saw something even better than the juice I was previously drinking and that's power aid zero. It has a ton of vitamins but no calories. I just wish it didn't have as much sodium.

Next is a meal that I liked quite a lot. Well except for the pork that is. I've never been a fan of pork, it just has a weird texture and not that great of a taste. I did like though the green beans from my grandparents' garden and the potatoes that were semi mashed but still had skin on them. 

The there is a mini box of lucky charms that my father brought back with him because I love eating these on school days. I had these when the school next door was canceled because it was too cold and windy for me to want to walk to the building with the food. These lucky charms were good though.

My burger king sandwich that I had about nine-o-clock after finishing my first oil painting class. I can't say that its at all healthy but I'd like to think its better for me than Mcdonalds. Plus I had satisfries with it instead of the regular ones so that's good.

Last is the oatmeal I had for breakfast before school on Thursday. I never eat breakfast so this is a pretty big deal for me, although I'm still not sure that I'm all in for doing this. I mean it seems like a lot of wasted food.

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