Food Photos: Garden Lasagna

junk in my tummy
Well, I was thinking about doing these posts in a chronological order, and then thought that I had no idea which ones I ate when and after that realized that it would be super easy to tell by where they are in placement to each other on my phone photos. Then I realized I liked doing them this way better. The first is something that my grandmother and mother make, cheese lasagna, but instead of grain its actually zucchini. Its something that takes getting used to, and after a few more times I think I'll love it.

Next is a picture of those Peanut Butter Cookies I made they were so dry that I didn't want to even eat them. Luckily I have a genius father who immediately thought to put wiped topping on them, and with this they're fantastic.

Then when I was working on my Snowy Car Life Photos Post I ate this turtle. Of course it isn't a real turtle but rather one with chocolate, carmel and a nut on top. I'm sure it has a million calories. 

Turkey and mashed potatoes was up next, a mean that we had when my mother was sick. Of course I didn't mind because it was very good. Especially considering the turkey was one of those bulk buy things.

Then a snack that I had also blogging and watching television. A pop tart in brown sugar flavor and a little orange. At least I was being half healthy. That's all going to change soon.

Last is a picture of my snack for the first day back to school I know I talked about before not going to the vending machine, but I get so hungry and its too cold to go to the cafeteria. I'm just a baby.

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