Food Photos: 4 Cheese Noodles with Lobster

lobster in noodles
Normally I start these kind of posts with the biggest picture, and title them about that photo. This time though, I'm starting with the top right photo, four cheese sauce on noodles, which also included chunks of lobster. This meal was made by my cousin's husband when I went to their house. As much as I wanted to love it, there was just something missing. Maybe a spice would have fixed it up? I do have to say though that I really like the idea of lobster and noodles.

Below that is the seconds I had during Christmas at my little grandparents. Its exactly like what I had the first time around with corn and mashed potatoes with beans except this time around I didn't have a roll. Instead I had ham and egg, which is a pretty good replacement. 

Next was a meal my mother made for me. Tomato soup and rolls. I can say that I wish we would have had grilled cheese with the tomato soup instead of rolls, but any meal I don't have to make is a good thing. Those rolls could have been better with butter though.

Then there is spaghetti and green beans, with a piece of home made white bread. On top of my spaghetti I had goat cheese, and those green beans came from my grandparents' garden. My mother and grandmother worked hard canning a ton of different things, and I have to say, at least the green beans turned out great. I have yet to try the other things.

Then there is arctic white hot chocolate. I know the mug isn't very pretty, but there are marshmallows inside, and that's always a good addition. If you remember me talking about the presents my boyfriend gave me for Christmas, well although I didn't blog about it (simply because I forgot) he also gave my parents presents, and the hot chocolate was one of them.

Last, the picture that is actually the biggest is a McDonalds sandwich. I had this when I was learning to play bass from Big Hair. I'm sure you have seen other pictures of this before, since its one of my go to foods, but its a mcdouble. 

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