Finals are Coming, Freezing Rain

Three of Hanna Marie
Yesterday was yet another school day, which I only have a few more of, and it didn't start out bad. I had my first class, psychology, and only half the people showed up. My classmates were making fun of the girl who got applause (of course not while she was there) and gossiping about a few other students. When my teacher came in, a little late, he seemed pretty mad that there weren't very many people there, but since we don't do much of anything in class I don't know why he was surprised.

Then I took a nap in my car, for about an hour, before being woken up by some girl slamming her car door next to me. By that time, the temperature had dropped a lot, so I couldn't hang out in my car and went inside. When I was in there I sat at a table with chairs and started studying. I read what felt like a hundred pages, while three people came by and thought that $5 Tj Maxx tank wasn't enough clothes, and asked me if I was cold.  

Then I had to go to math class, and take pictures of all the previous test answers, since I always throw mine away afterwards and they were are only study guides. Next semester I plan on keeping all that math stuff. We went over a few problems, and to be honest I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with all these finals. Last semester I didn't study at all, but I'm a little more worried this time around because I've decided on a major.

Then there was the drive home. The whole day I was worried about the drive home because last year in the snow I slide almost off the road on ice. Other than being super dark, and my antenna being frozen, the freezing rain wasn't bad at all. Afterwards I went to the funeral of a man who my parents when to church with, he'd had cancer and after multiple chemotherapy treatments didn't make it. 
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