Extra Credit in Every Class!

Smart Girl Hanna Lei
This is a photo from a few weeks back, actually my Ohio Factory Visit, but since I'm talking about how I was a studious student and got extra credit in three of my classes today I think it fits quite well. And yes, I'm just saying that because I'm wearing glasses, which obviously make you smarter. My day actually started out a little late due to some fog, so I got to class a little before 8:30. Which is okay because class doesn't start until nine. 

At the end of class, another girl and I were scheduled to give short presentations over a research article for 10 points (and I ended up getting all of them). Mine was over sleep in rats, and how it affects your heat, and the other girl's wasn't actually a real study but a compilation of a bunch of different studies. I went first and was very fast, hoping to leave early, but she took a long time with hers, and the teacher made us clap for her at the end. I'd like to think its because her presentation was kind of awkward, because mine was awesome… Oh well, I got my ten points so I don't mind too much.

Then before engineering class I sat with a friend for a few minutes before going in to see my teacher about that whole engineering paper I had to redo for another group member. That wasn't the only extra credit I'll be getting for that class though, because on our beam bending experiment we did way beyond what was required so he's giving us more points. Class only lasted 15 minutes, and he gave us the rest of the time to work on our power points for group presentations that are due Tuesday, and so far I'm the only one done with it.

During that time the other girl from my group, and I worked on math extra credit, thinking it was going to be really hard, and then finding the answer online with the first internet search we did. Everyone in the class must be really lazy because only one other person turned it in, and he said we should look for it online. Oh and about that Engineering project, that Austin kid sent me a message

I have found a website that lists the basic applications of UAV's.  I won't be in class today cause I am not feeling so well.  For the most part UAV's are used in non militaristic purposes although they get the most media attention from such.  

I also attached a word document with the information I typed out to make it easier to pull and put into a powerpoint presentation.  The only thing I was unable to get done was the works cited for the web source.
*Attached Document Below*

·      " Search and rescue
·       Earth science
o   Climate change
o   Atmospheric sampling
o   Etc.
·       Structural safety
·       Mapping and geographic information systems
·       Agricultural applications
·       Emergency response
·       Homeland security
The reasoning behind using the UAV’s for each of the aforementioned things is because the operations are either unsafe for a piloted aircraft and for items such that the duration of which is needed is physically impossible for humans.

The type of UAV used in a given circumstance depends on a few different factors; weight and power requirements of the sensor system, flight duration, function type and altitude requirements."

To which I sent back 

Hi Austin,
What you've done is actually what would go as benefits to society and economy, a part that someone else already has. The basic applications of the concept and device is the basic things, i.e. what it was made for, military application. You should write your powerpoint on UAV's place in the military, famous operations they've been a part of, things like that.

Also, you need to make the powerpoint yourself and then send it to me, instead of a word document since that is how we're presenting. Remember you need to have five minutes worth of presentation. 

I mean really, how could he even think this would be right? If I was heartless I'd kick him out of our group but of course since this is worth 30% of our grade, and I doubt anyone else would take him, I can't morally do that.
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