Everyday Food: Healthy From the Vending Machines

this is my food son
I remember one thing I kept saying and saying at the end of the semester was that I wouldn't be visiting the vending machine. Well, starting back the first day of school I of course went straight to the vending machine. It seems though that I've gotten a little better, and now my snacks consist of sun chips and juice, just ignore that moment of weakness that are below. I mean at least the M&Ms had nuts in them. That makes them healthy, right? 

The next thing on the list is what I had on monday, the day before my health goal officially started. Three white castle hamburgers and french fries. I love white castle because I feel like such a man since I can get about two or three times as many burgers.

Then there is an orange and banana smoothy that my mother made for me with her new blender. It wasn't bad, but I can't say that I liked the pulp in it. It just kind of ruined it.Then there was another piece of texas toast that I had as part of my lunch a ways back. I seriously love how good it tastes. 

Last is something I kind of regret having, and that's mcdonalds. I'm not sure exactly when I had this but I'm sure I was out and about and was just looking for something easy and fast to get. 

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