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I'm sure many girls are already thinking about prom, and what they're going to wear. I mean, I started planning my senior prom outfit my freshman year, so I know how it is. I've done guides on What to Wear to Prom, and although you can have the greatest necklace, the best shoes, an awesome clutch, the best part of your outfit, if you're like me better even than the boy you're with, is your dress! Finding a dress that's not only perfect for you, but also a dress that no one else is going to have can be hard work, but with DressFirst.com it doesn't have to be. 

They have almost any prom dress you could imagine. From a Greek Empress inspired white dress with a side slit and jeweled belt (bottom left picture) to a floor length ombre organza dress you'll be so spoilt with choice that finding the right dress won't be the problem anymore, but rather deciding between multiple perfect for you dresses will be. To start your search you can look at their prom dresses and rank them highest to lowest based on price (which ranges from about $100-$350), popularity, or newest arrival. 

The best part about the DressFirst.com prom dresses, other than their styles from trendy to classic, is the fact that they're customizable. For $20 you can put in your measurements when you order and you'll get a custom fit dress, oh and if you don't like the product page color, you can choose your own. All the dresses I looked at had 20 different color options. See what I mean about not having to worry about some other girl showing up in your dress?

To complete your dream prom look, DressFirst also offers shoes, head pieces, and jewelry, and there's always free shipping for that prom dress you know you want to get. So go head take a look.

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