Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror and Tweezers

Makeup Brush set Crown
Christmas is coming and I think you might just want to add this Crown Brush HD set that I was given to your list. I myself have been wanting a makeup brush set for quite awhile, and in this nice zip up packaging including a mirror and tweezers, I can never have enough tweezers, and everything is so pretty. I couldn't be happier with this set.

Starting with the zipper pouch that everything comes in, its a about 8 inches by 5 inches, and an inch wide. Its vinyl and neon orange with a matching zipper. On the inside is the mirror on the left with the tweezers, and then on the the other side all the brushes each with their own sitting place. I really like the smooth outside that the brush set has, so its easy to clean off, and the size is perfect for throwing in a bag. Plus the color is so fun, also coming in white, with blue accents, and purple.

The mirror is large enough to use for applying makeup, and can be taken out. The tweezers have metal tips, and work well at pulling up hairs, a quality that surpassingly enough doesn't apply to all tweezers, and then there are those brushes. They're 100% vegan and have a wooden handle with with text printed on them saying what they're used for. They're very soft and smooth.

I love this Crown Brush HD Set, all the makeup brushes, with their pretty dipped tips, and bright orange handles. The mirror and tweezers are great additions as well. For a beginner makeup brush set, up to moderate the Crown Brush HD Set is perfect. 

You can buy one for yourself (or someone else) HERE and can get 20% off your purchase with promotion code iFabboHD
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