Christmas Play With Big Hair

I've been busy all day, catching up on blog stuff. I figured that Conner would come and pick me up around six since his we were going with his family to a play. So about three I texted him asking when he'd be coming, and he said a little after four. So I had to hurry up shower, and figure out what I was going to wear all in an hour. It literally took me the whole time. I mean, I of course had to shave my legs using that Nivea Touch of Happiness Shower Gel that way I could smell all nice like an orange, but then I had to decide on what to wear.

After going through a ton of items I settled on a skirt and red sweater, with my sequin boots. So we headed off to his house, and as soon as I got there I realized I didn't have my student ID so we quickly went back to my house to get, where I also changed into jeans, because it was too cold. When we were on the way back we got stuck behind an ambulance and were forced to wait for awhile during which his sister called wondering where we were.

After that we headed to eat, I got a steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. When we were just about to get dessert, which Haley had me share with her, in came Big Hair's aunt, uncle, and hot cousin. I mean this cousin was the kid that my group of friends had a "crush" on through high school. We then headed for the IRT for the play.

Before the play I went to the bathroom with Haley and Big Hair's mom, and then we went to get our seats. We had some trouble and a guide was forced into helping us. The play was actually quite good, but since it was such a small cast, young Scrooge changed races more than once. While leaving we had to wait forever for the car, and I was forced into a picture. I'm happy I was though, because its such a nice picture. 

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