Christmas Eve Junk Night

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Its Christmas Eve you guys, so that means tomorrow is Christmas. When I was little this meant a whole bunch of surprise presents in the morning, but the past few years I've went with my parents to pick out my own presents, so the whole surprise factor kind of went away. I did have that though when I opened the presents from Big Hair and his family, so it's okay. Plus this way I get what I want. 

This morning I had to get up early, well earlier than I would have liked, to attend the funeral of my aunt's mother. My grandparents, and other aunt were a little surprised that we came since the rest of the family didn't but I'm really glade my parents and I went. The drive although an hour long wasn't bad either.

Then we went home and ate a late lunch and had to head out to get my new jewelry item. The drive was another hour, but since I'd been online shopping at Tiffany's I knew what I wanted to get. Actually I've had my eye on it since I bought my Villa Palma Palm Pendant . Then after a nap when I came home it was time for junk night.

its christmas eve food

Normally my father's friend Ricky is a part of our junk night on Christmas eve, but this year he was too sick to join us. I also invited my boyfriend but they were having a personal family event. So personal that my dream girl's fiancĂ©  wasn't even invited. I ended up having a lot of fun though just hanging out with my parents.

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